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secuRe desIGn and deplOyment of trUsthwoRthy cOntinUum computing 6G Services


Human-Centric DevSecOps

Security & Privacy Formal Data Models

6G Networks

Risk Management

AI-Driven Orchestration and Anomaly Detection

MTD-based Robust ML Models


Introduces a new holistic and smart service framework leveraging new Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence mechanisms, which can react dynamically to the ever-changing threat surface on all orchestration layers and network functions.

Based on DevSecOps

Compliance with the design of software, protocols and procedures, as well as AI-governed mechanisms to cope with the security-related requirements in the full DevOps lifecycle.

Further the DevOps lifecycle spans from the prevention and detection of anomalies and/or intrusions at different levels (physical or cyber) based on violation of policies or rules, up to their mitigation and policy enforcement.

Mission Statement

✔️ Incorporation of the human factor

✔️ Realize advanced security enablers

✔️ Smart and secure orchestration

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RIGOUROUS is funded by the European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme Horizon Europe under Grant Agreement no. 101095933