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1March 2023Reinforcement Learning-based Slice Isolation against DDoS Attacks in Beyond 5G Networks10.1109/TNSM.2023.3254581
(available at Zenodo)
2June 2023SNS Journal/2023n/aEuropean Commission
3September 2023FortisEDoS: A Deep Transfer Learning-empowered Economical Denial of Sustainability Detection Framework for Cloud-Native Network Slicing10.1109/TDSC.2023.3318606IEEE TDSC


1June 2023A Mathematical Model for Analyzing Honeynets and Their Cyber Deception TechniquesTBD
27th Int’l Conf. On Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, Toulouse, France
2November 2023Federated Network Intelligence Orchestration for scalable and automated FL-based anomaly detection in B5G NetworksTBDIEEE Future Networks World Forum 2023 (FNWF’23)
3December 2023Moving Target Defense based Secured Network Slicing System in the O-RAN ArchitectureTBDProc. of IEEE Globecom’23
4December 2023Enhancing 5G Network Slicing: Slice Isolation via Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning with Optimal Graph FeaturesTBDProc. of IEEE Globecom’23
5December 2023A Deep Transfer Learning-powered EDoS Detection Mechanism for 5G and Beyond Network SlicingTBDProc. of IEEE Globecom’23
6December 2023Cybersecurity Fusion: Leveraging Mafia Game Tactics and Reinforcement Learning for Botnet DetectionTBDProc. of IEEE Globecom’23
7December 2023Blockchain and Deep Learning-Based IDS for Securing SDN-Enabled Industrial IoT EnvironmentsTBDProc. of IEEE Globecom’23
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