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RIGOUROUS Newsletter 5

April 2024 Project Highlights The project is continuing the development of novel methods to enhance 6G networks, now with focus on the preparation of the first major project milestone, corresponding to the project middle term. In the last period, several… Read More »RIGOUROUS Newsletter 5

RIGOUROUS Newsletter 4

December 2023 Project Highlights Since the last newsletter, the project consortia evolved towards the RIGOUROUS vision at a fast pace, with several contributions to research, and milestones met. Design plan of the multi-domain automated security orchestration, trust-management, and deployment This… Read More »RIGOUROUS Newsletter 4

Second Plenary Meeting

The #RIGOUROUS project partners recently held a technical meeting in Luxemburg, hosted by RHEA, to discuss the project’s progress and upcoming milestones. The meeting focused on three key areas: ongoing contributions, Pilot execution planning, and project KPI (key performance indicator)… Read More »Second Plenary Meeting

Cybersecurity: A challenge for SME

Professor JoĂŁo Paulo Barraca from Instituto de TelecomunicaçÔes talked about #RIGOUROUS at the workshop titled “Cybersecurity: A challenge for SME” (original in PT: “Cibersegurança: Um desafio para as PME’s”) promoted by TICE.PT. The TICE.PT aims to promote and leverage networking strategies for the sector. Network between companies… Read More »Cybersecurity: A challenge for SME


RIGOUROUS Newsletter 3

September 2023 Project Highlights The project progressed with several parallel fronts in pursuit of the RIGOUROUS Vision. A key work developed during this period was the definition of requirements for the RIGOUROUS solutions. The project produced a requirements analysis report… Read More »RIGOUROUS Newsletter 3

first plenary meeting

RIGOUROUS Newsletter 2

Earlier this month we had our first plenary meeting in Aveiro, Portugal. The meeting was a two-day event that started on May 30, with the most significant outcomes reported in previous news. Project Highlights The DevSecOps loop is alive and… Read More »RIGOUROUS Newsletter 2

first plenary meeting

First Plenary Meeting

We are thrilled to share the exciting progress made during the first plenary meeting, a two-day event (May 30 and 31) four months after the RIGOUROUS kick-off in Murcia. Through knowledge-sharing and collaborative brainstorming sessions, we have achieved significant milestones.… Read More »First Plenary Meeting

kick-off meeting

RIGOUROUS Newsletter 1

The EU-funded RIGOUROUS project has officially commenced, marking a significant milestone in Europe’s pursuit of robust security and trust for the next-generation 6G wireless ecosystem. This ambitious initiative brings together a consortium of leading research institutions and industry partners from across the continent, united by a common goal: to establish a comprehensive framework that safeguards the security, privacy, and integrity of 6G networks and services.