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IDDelivery NameEditorMonthDOI
D2.2RIGOUROUS Use CasesICT-FIM1210.5281/zenodo.10476145
D3.1Design plan of the multi-domain automated security orchestration, trust-management, and deploymentUWSM1210.5281/zenodo.10476147
D4.1Design Plan of the AI-driven Anomaly Detection, Decision and MitigationOULUM1210.5281/zenodo.10476152
D6.1Project WebsiteUMUM310.5281/zenodo.10159287
D6.2Dissemination and Communication PlanITAVM610.5281/zenodo.10159325
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RIGOUROUS is funded by the European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme Horizon Europe under Grant Agreement no. 101095933