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First Plenary Meeting

    We are thrilled to share the exciting progress made during the first plenary meeting, a two-day event (May 30 and 31) four months after the RIGOUROUS kick-off in Murcia. Through knowledge-sharing and collaborative brainstorming sessions, we have achieved significant milestones.

    Leaping Ahead

    During this productive gathering, we discussed the RIGOUROUS use cases and delved into architecture details while adhering to a DevSecOps methodology.

    Key topics explored during the meeting included AI-driven anomaly detection, Decision Composition and mitigation, Multi-domain model-based automated security orchestration, trust management, and deployment.

    You can read more about RIGOUROUS planning and objectives on our Planning page. Furthermore, you may also want to check the early contributions already made in international conferences in our Articles page. This was just our first plenary meeting. More exciting news soon on our website (, as we expect to make significant progress and kick our communications activity into gear.

    Institutional Thanks

    We want to thank Universidade de Aveiro for providing us the venue for our first plenary meeting and Instituto de Telecomunicações for their warm reception and support.

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