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Kick-Off Meeting

    Hey there!

    I’m thrilled to share an update about our exciting new project. To ensure a strong start, we recently held a Kick-Off Meeting in Murcia (Jan. 10 and 11). Let me give you a quick rundown of what went down.

    The meeting kicked off with introductions and a warm welcome to all team members. We expressed our gratitude for their participation and emphasized the importance of their roles in our project’s success.
    Next, we provided a concise overview of the project, including its background, goals, and desired outcomes. We wanted everyone to understand the purpose and context behind our work.
    We then discussed the roles and responsibilities of each team member, clarifying how collaboration and communication would be facilitated throughout the project. This ensured everyone knew their part in the team’s collective effort.

    Moving on, we outlined the specific deliverables we need to produce and set expectations for quality standards and deadlines. It was important for everyone to be on the same page regarding what we’re aiming for and when it needs to be accomplished.
    The project plan and timeline were presented next, highlighting the major phases, tasks, and key milestones. This visual roadmap provided a clear path forward and helped instill a sense of purpose and determination in the team.

    Finally, we discussed the available resources (i.e., assets) and support to empower our team members. We identified the tools and technologies that will aid us in achieving our goals efficiently.
    As we wrapped up the meeting, a contagious excitement filled the room. Our consortium left with a clear understanding of their roles, the project’s objectives, and the roadmap ahead.

    Stay tuned for updates as we make progress and overcome challenges together. We invite you to join us on this thrilling project!

    Best regards,

    (the RIGOUROUS team)

    Institutional Thanks

    We want to thank Universidad de Murcia for providing us the venue for our kick-off meeting and thank the Murcia team for their warm reception and support.

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