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RIGOUROUS Newsletter 1

    March 2023

    kick-off meeting
    Project team members at the Kickoff meeting

    Project Highlights

    The EU-funded RIGOUROUS project has officially commenced, marking a significant milestone in Europe’s pursuit of robust security and trust for the next-generation 6G wireless ecosystem. This ambitious initiative brings together a consortium of leading research institutions and industry partners from across the continent, united by a common goal: to establish a comprehensive framework that safeguards the security, privacy, and integrity of 6G networks and services.

    At the heart of the RIGOUROUS project lies the development of a novel smart service framework that seamlessly integrates machine learning (ML) and cybersecurity capabilities. This transformative framework will continuously monitor and assess the security posture of 6G systems, proactively identifying and mitigating potential breaches before they can cause harm, using a SOAR approach.

    The RIGOUROUS project represents a critical step towards ensuring the resilience of 6G against evolving cyber threats. By harnessing the power of ML and AI, we are creating a dynamic DevSecOps and DevPrivOps aligned security solution that can adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape and safeguard the trust and reliability of future 6G networks.

    The project’s scope extends beyond security to encompass privacy and trust as well. Researchers will explore innovative techniques to embed privacy-preserving mechanisms into 6G architectures, ensuring that user data is protected and respected. Additionally, they will develop methods for establishing and maintaining trust in the use of future networks, including an human factor.

    As RIGOUROUS progresses, it will collaborate closely with industry partners to validate and integrate its security framework into real-world 6G pilots. This practical application will ensure that the project’s advancements directly benefit the development and deployment of secure and trustworthy 6G networks across Europe.

    What happened recently

    • Project started in January 2023 with the initial administrative and planning tasks being our focus.
    • The meeting kicked off with introductions and a warm welcome to all team members. We expressed our gratitude for their participation and emphasized the importance of their roles in our project’s success.
      Next, we provided a concise overview of the project, including its background, goals, and desired outcomes. We wanted everyone to understand the purpose and context behind our work.
      We then discussed the roles and responsibilities of each team member, clarifying how collaboration and communication would be facilitated throughout the project. This ensured everyone knew their part in the team’s collective effort.
    • Our website is live and available at

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