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RIGOUROUS Newsletter 2

    first plenary meeting

    Earlier this month we had our first plenary meeting in Aveiro, Portugal. The meeting was a two-day event that started on May 30, with the most significant outcomes reported in previous news.

    Project Highlights

    The DevSecOps loop is alive and well, with design and specification work to bring this SOAR approach into 6G and the telco world. These works will allow us to tackle AI-driven anomaly detection, Decision Composition and mitigation, Multi-domain model-based automated security orchestration, and trust management in a more human-centric way, following a generalized “human in the loop” approach that brings together intelligent actions and automation without disregarding the need for the humans to remain informed, consenting, and in control of the services and overarching management and orchestration systems.

    We are also working tirelessly to bolster Privacy as part of the human-centric approach, researching and experimenting with new ideas, which we hope to detail further in the following newsletters and scientific publications.

    There is tremendous work being carried out by the RIGOUROUS partners, especially from OULO, that is heavily investing towards researching Moving Target Defense (MTD) in O-RAN and several AI/ML-powered approaches to intrusion/anomaly detection that improve the defenses in different aspects of cybersecurity and scenarios, from Industrial IoT to general B5G networks. These innovations may define the course towards 6G. Be sure to track our publications section; such quality work will undoubtedly be published in high-impact peer-reviewed venues.

    What happened recently

    • First plenary meeting, in Aveiro.

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