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Second Plenary Meeting

    The #RIGOUROUS project partners recently held a technical meeting in Luxemburg, hosted by RHEA, to discuss the project’s progress and upcoming milestones. The meeting focused on three key areas: ongoing contributions, Pilot execution planning, and project KPI (key performance indicator) monitoring.

    Ongoing Contributions

    The team highlighted the significant contributions made by its members in recent months. This includes the development of use cases and the #RIGOUROUS architecture, as well as the integration of AI enhanced security orchestration. These contributions are crucial to the project’s success and will ultimately lead to the development of more reliable and robust automated SOAR in 6G.

    Pilot Execution Planning

    The team also discussed the upcoming execution of the project’s pilots. These pilots will be used to evaluate the performance of the developed security solutions in real-world settings. The team carefully planned the execution of the pilots, ensuring that they will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of the developed solutions.

    Project KPI Monitoring

    The team closely monitored the project’s KPIs, which track the project’s progress towards its goals from a technical, administrative and dissemination perspectives. The team reviewed the latest KPI data and identified areas where improvements can be made, with focus on liaison with other projects, and the dissemination goals for 2024.

    Overall, the technical meeting was a productive event that helped the RIGOUROURS team stay on track and make progress towards its goals.

    We thank RHEA for hosting the meeting in Luxemburg.

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